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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Oscar estaba pintando London, 12-8-71

Dear mum, Teresa, Alicia, etc.,

First of all, greetings on your birthday, Ale, I hope you’ve had a great time. I was tempted to phone but in the end didn’t. Talking about phoning, a few days ago Costa, García and Tala phoned. It was 3 in the morning and the telephone woke us up with the lovely surprise. Later the Portuguese ball-braker from upstairs started making noise and I couldn’t sleep.

OK, I can tell you I have a lot of work and I also do free-lancing. I have no time to spare at all, but I am saving for our return to Buenos Aires, to be free from worries. It’s going very, very well for me, better than ever in my life. I must take advantage of the circumstances because one never knows how long it will last.
We already have a bank account. Patricia is working and getting paid a lot of money that she spends on clothes (well, she has bought a pair of trousers and a blouse!).

We have made a few friends. Some days ago a Canadian guy and an American girl came to visit and on Sunday an English couple are coming. The funniest thing is that I speak very little English and have to make myself understood by gestures. It’s more fun that way.

Although we are in summer, I never take off my sweater; it’s incredible how cold it is here. We never see the sun; maybe that’s why the English are so blondish and whitish.
Today Patricia and I were laughing at our “culture”. We read Italian newspapers and English magazines, we listen to French radio and we speak Spanish. This is the UN: I work with English, Canadian, Scottish, Lebanese, Finnish, Czechoslovakian and one Argentinean (Patricia). Ah, there is also a Spanish girl.

I have a complaint, Teresa and Alejandrina. Why do you write such short letters? Do write more, pals, I need to know how you are and what’s going on in the neighbourhood and the family. Don’t be lazy, pals, don’t save on paper, write long letters.

Teresa, how is your backache? Our friends from Argentina tell us that everything is pear shape over there. There is no money and the trouble is growing. How are you doing in such conditions? Are you working well, Tere? Tell me truthfully.

Talking of truth, I would like to know how are your relations with Don José progressing. It’s been revealed that his intentions are to request your hand from granny, Ale.

(The signature page is missing).

Londres, 12-8-71

Querida mamá, Teresa, Alicia y etc.:

Ante todo te saludo por tu cumpleaños, Ale, espero que lo habréis pasado muy bien. Yo estuve tentado de llamar por teléfono, pero después no lo hice. Hablando de teléfono, hace unos dias nos llamaron Costa, García y Tala. Eran como las 3 de la mañana y nos despertó el teléfono con ésta grata sorpresa. Como después el portugués hinchabolas que vive en el piso de arriba se puso a hacer ruido, no pude dormir.

Bue, cuento que tengo muchísimo trabajo y además hago changas. Practicamente no tengo un rato libre, pero me propuse juntar guita para cuando volvamos a Bs. As. Así no tenemos que pasar apurones. Me va muy pero muy bien. Quizás nunca me fue tan bien en toda mi vida. Esta es una circunstancia que debo aprovechar hasta el fondo pues quizás nunca se me dé una buena así otra vez.

Ya tenemos cuenta en el banco y todo. Patricia también trabaja y le pagan un kilo que guita que se gasta en pilchas (bueno, no es para tanto, sólo se compró un pantalón y una blusa!)

Tenemos ya varios amigos. Días pasados vinieron a casa un canadiense y una americana, ahora, el domingo, va a venir un matrimonio inglés. Lo cómico del asunto es que yo hablo poquísimo inglés y todo lo hago entender con señas. Así es más divertido.

Si bien estamos en verano, nuna me saco el pullover. Es increíble el frío que hace aquí. Nunca sale el sol, quizá por eso es que los ingleses son tan rubiones y blancuzcos.

Hoy con Patricia nos reíamos de nuestra “cultura”. Leemos los diarios italianos, las revistas inglesas, oímos la radio francesa y hablamos en español. Esto es las naciones unidas. Trabajo con ingleses, canadienses, escoceses, libaneses, finlandeses, checoslovacos y una argentina (Patricia) Ah, también hay una española.

Tengo una queja contra ustedes, Teresa y Alejandrina. ¿Por qué escriben cartas tan cortitas? Escriban más, ché, pues yo necesito saber cómo están, qué es de la vida del barrio y de la familia. No sean vagas ché, no le mezquinen al papel. Escriban cartas largas.

¿Cómo estás Teresa, de tu dolor de espalda?

Nos dicen los amigos de Argentina que todo está muy jodido allí, que no hay guita, que hay líos. ¿Cómo están ustedes en medio de tanto quilombo? ¿Estás trabajando bien, Tere? Cuenten y sean sinceras.

Y hablando de sinceridad, quisiera saber cómo andan vuestras relaciones con Don José, supe que tiene intenciones de pedir tu mano, Ale, a abuelita.
(Falta la página con la firma)


Blogger Oscar Grillo said...

Que se hizo de ese dibujo?...No lo volvi a ver mas.

7:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Patricia:

I found this blog through O Grillo, I've been following his art for about a year now.

I wanted to let you know that I think this blog is fantastic. More interesting than most blogs I visit.
It is such a good idea to put all these letters and pictures into a blog.

My mom came to America by Greece to Italy and from there on a boat, some of the stories are unreal I always tell her to organize her journey for this same reason.

Wondering if you draw or paint anymore?

take care;

11:50 am  
Blogger Patricia said...

Hello, Rebecca, nice to see you here. I am glad you find it interesting, this blog is my way to let my children know how things were for us. The letters are not very exciting, but as you can read between the lines, Oscar had to reassure his mother that we were going back, at least at the beginning. She was fantastic and kept them, something nobody else did. It helps us to remember as well. No, I don't draw and what I used to do was paint cells and occassionally I helped with backgrounds but no more than that. Oscar and my son Pablo are the artists in the family.

Thank you for visiting and for very friendly words!

7:21 pm  
Blogger Patricia said...

Oscar, your drawing must be in the loft, where so many good things hide!

7:23 pm  
Blogger Oscar Grillo said...


10:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response.
-If I left the country I'd have to convince my mom the same. When I left the borough, she nearly had
a heart attack.

- You must be quite skilled, painting cells creating backgrounds sounds involved.

-It's great the letters were saved, and I look forward to visiting your blog on regular basis.


2:53 am  
Blogger Patricia said...

Thank you Rebekit!

8:42 am  

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