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Abueleriasx2: January 2012


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pablo's letter to his Granma. Carta de Pablo a la abuela.

June 1992

Dear Granma,

How are you doing, are you well? Thank you very much for the little presents, the yerba and the letter, but unfortunately all the dulce de leche was lost because the jars broke during the journey. In future you could send tinned dulce de leche or not send it, as it is a pity to loose so much of it and also the box arrives completely covered by it and very sticky.

How are you all? I am thinking of sending another video to show you what we look like now. My hair is very long, well, more or less. In two weeks time I finish school for the rest of my life and next year I will be going to a terciary college where I will study biology and chemistry to prepare for getting into university to study biology.

Well, thank you for the key rings, which I liked very much.

Lots of kisses,

Pablo Grillo

PS Send my love to the cousins, uncles and aunts!